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We’ve got strong history, high quality, and the technology edge.

Our journey started back in 2008, when Dr. Hassan Gaafar had just earned his PhD. At that time the only way to build a good base of patients was through trust and good reputation; and so it was. Along those years the clinic has managed to grow from being a regular OBGYN clinic …


We serve all your needs in one place. Can’t decide? Call us for support.

Pregnancy and Delivery Follow-up

Receive a full follow up plan all through your 9 months and deliver your baby safely.


Check up on yourself from time to time or ask about what’s keeping you worried.


Receive both diagnostic and operative Hysteroscopy at the clinic with the most experienced.


Visit our fertility clinic to help you solve your problems and have the baby you wish for.

4D Ultrasound and Doppler

Have your unborn baby examined and diagnosed with advanced equipment and top doctors.


Keep your new born or toddler safe and healthy by following up at our Pediatrics clinic.


Stay healthy and maintain your weight at different stages of your life with our specialized nutritionist.

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