7 Signs that You Might be Pregnant

7 Signs that You Might be Pregnant

7 Signs that You Might be Pregnant- Dr.Hassan-Gaafar

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant?

Well, you can only be sure through a pregnancy test, but there are signs that can help you out. Here are the signs to look for:


  1. Spotting and Cramping:

Usually a few days after conception, a fertilized egg will attach itself to the uterus’ wall which will result in an early sign of pregnancy which is spotting or even sometimes cramping.

Spotting will occur between 6 to 12 days after conception. Also, the cramps resemble menstrual cramps a lot; that’s why some women mistake them for the starting of their period. The only difference though; is that bleeding and cramping are slight.


  1. Fatigue:

At first, you might feel very tired and unusually fatigued a week after conceiving as the body is going through a new unusual physical strain. That is due to the high level of the progesterone hormone. Also, lower levels of blood pressure or blood sugar all of this can contribute in this as well.


  1. Nausea (Morning Sickness):

This is a more commonly known symptom that is often shown in movies or commercials, but surprisingly not all pregnant women go through it. So far, the cause of it is still unknown, but pregnancy hormones contribute a lot to this symptom. Also, nausea during pregnancy can occur at any time but it’s more common in the morning.

In addition to that, some women crave or cannot stand certain foods when they are pregnant. This is more related to hormonal changes. It can be as strong as the thought of thinking of food that you used to favor can actually upset a pregnant woman’s stomach.

The nausea, cravings and food aversions could last throughout the whole pregnancy. Yet, symptoms should lessen around the 13th or 14thweek of pregnancy.


  1. Constipation:

Due to higher levels of the Progesterone hormone during pregnancy this can lead to constipation; as it causes food to pass more slowly through the intestines. So, to ease this problem you need to drink plenty of water, exercise often and eat plenty of high-fiber foods.


  1. Missed Periods:

A normal menstrual cycle works on an average of 28 day schedule. So, if you miss a period that can be a strong indicator that you might be pregnant. But, also there are other factors that might cause missed periods such as: stress, rapid weight loss or gain and a change in birth control intake or type.


  1. An Increasing Need to Urinate:

As pregnancy increases the volume of blood in a woman’s system; that might result in the kidneys to work harder to process waste and water and that’s why more fluids reach the bladder resulting in a frequent need to urinate. Also, a woman’s growing uterus pushes on the bladder and that reduces its capacity.


  1. Tender or Swollen Breasts:

Another sign during pregnancy is the feeling of heaviness or fullness in the breasts which often happens in the early stages of pregnancy, and the areolas darken in color. These symptoms are due to changes in hormones during pregnancy especially in the estrogen level in the woman’s body.


Those are some of the most important signs that can indicate that a woman is pregnant; yet they are not conclusive nor 100% accurate. That’s why we advise you if you noticed any of these changes is to consult with your trusted obstetrician to professionally guide through these changes and keep an eye out for anything unusual.


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