Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene - Dr.Hassan-GaafarWomen should keep an eye on their vaginal health just as their general health. A healthy vagina is acidic and has natural bacteria to protect you from infections and maintain your pH while secreting some discharge to keep it clean. So, here’s how you keep it healthy and clean.


You might have heard about it or even tried it where you buy certain products to wash the vagina with it so it smells nice and clean. Actually, this can have a negative effect on your pH levels and decreasing the acidity of the vagina. If there’s a strange smell, it’s better to see your doctor about rather than just douching it because you’re only covering the smell and not solve the issue causing it. In addition to all of this stay away from harsh soaps and cleansers on the vulva and inside the vagina.


Regular Hygiene:

Protect your vagina by following routine clean up after using the bathroom and be sure to wipe from front to back so you don’t get bacterial contamination into the vagina and the bladder. Also, change your sanitary pads or tampons regularly during your period, but don’t use pads to absorb normal vaginal discharge this will keep moisture near the vagina and that can cause infection as well.

Healthy Diet:

Just like your body is affected by what you eat so is your vagina; maintaining a healthy diet helps you beat infection and stay healthy. Eating yogurt helps prevent infection, and if you have vaginal dryness you can check up with your doctor if you need to add or remove foods from your diet.


Regular Checkups:

A regular gynecological visit never hurts; it should start by the age of 21 or within 3 years of becoming sexually active. They can perform pap smears to detect any changes in the vaginal cells and check for any infection. An early detection matters to deal with anything right away so it doesn’t affect your reproductive system or cause health issues.


During intercourse there’s vaginal lubrication that happens naturally, but if doesn’t you can use an artificial lubricant to minimize irritation. Avoid the use of petroleum jelly products like Vaseline as they can cause infection.

Dress Right:

Keep the vagina clean and dry by choosing what you wear as certain fabrics worn close to the genitals can cause infections and bacteria overgrowth. So, wear cotton underwear, change wet swimsuits right away, don’t wear tight-fitting clothes a lot and change sweaty workout clothes as quickly as you can.

Following these tips will guarantee a healthy, clean vagina which is important for your general health and sexual one as well.


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