Pregnancy and Exercising Should You, or Shouldn’t You

Pregnancy and Exercising Should You, or Shouldn’t You- Dr.Hassan-Gaafar

Pregnancy and Exercising Should You, or Shouldn’t You

Pregnancy and Exercising Should You, or Shouldn’t You

Pregnancy and Exercising Should You, or Shouldn’t You- Dr.Hassan-GaafarMost of us were told some myths or mistaken ideas about pregnancy; a commonly known one is that you shouldn’t exercise and take it easy. Actually, you should keep exercising during pregnancy up until your due date. As long as your pregnancy is healthy and normal it’s recommended to have a 30 minutes or more of moderate exercising a day.

1-     Check with your gynecologist first:

Of course, before starting off with any kind of exercise you need to consult with your personal gynecologist to see if it’s ok or not in case you have any medical issues. Also, if you have a workout routine share it with your doctor to see if it’s suitable or not, but if he’s going to recommend you some exercises you need to let him know what are your limits.

2-     Stick to an Exercise You Enjoy:

Regular swimming and cycling is fine, but why not try something new and fun to keep you keen on working out; so choose something you like doing. Why not try some prenatal yoga to help you relax and become more energetic.

3-     Don’t Go Too Rough:

Try to avoid rough exercises during pregnancy especially the kind that has higher chances of falling or that might cause abdominal injuries like: gymnastics, skating of any sort, racket sports or horseback riding. Also, stay away from contact sports like football, basketball and avoid cycling in your last stages of your pregnancy.

4-     Accommodate According Your Changing Body:

It’s normal for your routines to change due to the changes that your body is going through. So, modify your workout routines accordingly; also,you’re gonna need to slow down especially towards your later stages of pregnancy. No worries if you started feeling as if your joints are loosening and your body feels and acts differently that’s normal as you start gaining weight during pregnancy. Also, avoid any exercise poses that requires you to lay flat on your back or stand for a while as it can restrict your blood flow.

5-     The Key Is “Keep It Up”:

If you’re new to exercising then start slowly, but if you’re used to it what matters now is to maintain your fitness level not to increase it. So, don’t push yourself too hard, and if you’re new to it remember small steps so you can reach a 30 minute workout a day at least. Listen to your body don’t override it so it doesn’t lead to overexertion which can lead to other problems to you or your baby.

Finally, some tips to help ease your workout. Remember to stay hydrated especially after you finish your workout (juice or water are great), have a snack that would give you the energy you need before you start working out and never exercise outdoors when it’s hot and remember to dress comfortably too.

So, what are you waiting for? Start hitting the gym and remember to stay healthy and fit for yourself and for your baby.


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